Through the Venoco Community Partnership (VCP), the company strives to be a leader in corporate giving and volunteerism, creating partnerships with organizations that strengthen the communities where Venoco operates and encouraging employee involvement.

Venoco focuses on organizations that provide services, programs and assistance to under-served and at-risk populations by providing support that have broad impacts on the greatest number of people in the community.

Support may be requested primarily for program and general operating expenses. Requests for support for fundraisers, capital and endowment may be considered, but are not the primary focus of support.


Funding Priorities: Venoco’s giving priorities include: Education, Health and Human Services. Some limitations to the giving priorities apply.

Requests for arts/culture, sports, environment, and civic/community organizations are not generally given top priority consideration. However, a request may be considered for funding if the proposed program or service is directly related to education, is integrated into classroom instruction, has demonstrated impact and is not limited to single exposure experiences, such as performances, field trips or events.

Public schools are funded at the district level and not for individual schools unless an individual school is requesting funding for innovative new programs that have the potential to be expanded to other schools in the district.

Venoco does not generally fund organizations focused on services and programs directed to single/specific medical diseases or condition. Organizations targeting specific medical diseases or conditions will be considered in the cases of broad impact to the local and general population and scope of services rendered.

Human services support is directed to programs and services for underserved populations include “safety net” (food, shelter, clothing), economic development, etc.

Eligibility: To be eligible for consideration an organization must:

  • Offer programs and services in areas in which Venoco has business operations. Current areas of operations include: the southern portion of Santa Barbara County, the western portion of Ventura County, and the city of Beverly Hills.
  • Have proof of the IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization designation, and not classified as a private foundation.
  • Have a clearly defined mission that provides needed services to the target populations. Must have evidence of delivery of services and impact on the recipients.
  • Be accessible and open to all segments of the community.
  • Must be effectively organized, with employment standards in place that include hiring staff and elect/appoint board members without discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, or physical disability.

The following requests are not eligible for funds:

  • Organizations located outside the areas where Venoco has business operations.
  • Individuals or individual sponsorships.
  • Political parties, organizations, candidates, campaigns or events.
  • Association or membership dues, annual meetings, conferences and conventions.
  • Field trips, tours, or travel expenses (unless demonstrated as integral part of program).
  • Organizations primarily promoting religious doctrine; requiring participants to be of a  certain faith to participate in programs or receive services, or delivering services with prayer or other specifically religious activities.
  • Donor-advised funds, private foundations, personal trusts.
  • Requests deemed as “pass through” grants or third party fundraisers.
  • Individual student scholarships or tuition assistance.
  • Private schools.
  • Athletic teams, booster clubs or social groups.
  • Fraternal organizations.
  • Salaries or personnel requests (unless directly related to sustainability of the organization).
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, or physical disability.
  • National organizations (unless they have a major presence in the local community and a major percentage of funds raised stay in the local community).
  • Government or public agencies (excluding public school districts).

Meeting all of the eligibility requirements alone does not guarantee approval. Approval of grant requests is the sole discretion of Venoco.

Organizations new to Venoco must contact the Community Partnership Manager to determine eligibility before submitting an application.

Application Process:


  • Applications are accepted and approved according to the following schedule during each fiscal year:
    • January 1-15
    • March April Health Direct services in support of physical and mental health, substance abuse, nutrition
    • May 1-15 July August Education Educational programs, youth serving programs with educational goals
    • September 1-15 November December Human Services Programs serving high risk, underserved populations, such as safety net services.

IMPORTANT: Grant submissions will only be accepted between the 1st and 15th of each funding deadline month.

  • All organizations requesting funds must complete an online grant application and submit it with all required documentation.
  • Generic mass mailings will not be considered for funding.
  • All new organizations will be required to have an initial site visit completed before further review of the request. Subsequent site visits will be done on repeat organizations as deemed necessary.
  • Requests are reviewed by a committee of Venoco employees, recommendations are made and forwarded to the CEO for final approval.
  • Multiple requests in a calendar year are not accepted.
  • Organizations will receive written notification of the approved grant. Upon receipt of a signed contract, Venoco will mail a check to the accepted organization.
  • Organizations that receive a grant of $1000 or greater must complete a Final Evaluation Report within 90 days of receipt of grant or when the funded program or event has concluded. Reports must contain a financial accounting of funds, along with outcome indicators. Subsequent grant applications will not be reviewed without a completed report on file. A copy of the Final Evaluation Report can be found here.
  • Please note: all requests, regardless of compliance with the above guidelines, are subject to approval.
  • Past grant approvals do not guarantee future funding. Applications must be submitted annually to be considered for funding.


Please click on the link below to complete your Venoco Community Partnership Application.

California Application

Users who want to continue with an application that is in process, please use the following link:

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please direct all questions and completed forms to:

Marybeth Carty
Community Partnership Manager
Venoco, Inc.
6267 Carpinteria Ave. Suite 100
Carpinteria, CA 93013
(805) 745-2100, fax (805) 745-1816