The Beverly Hills West facility is known for its most visible element: the Tower of Hope. When wells were being drilled from the Beverly Hills West site the drilling derrick was enclosed in a tower to eliminate noise from the drilling operations. In 2000, as part of the Portraits of Hope (link to project, the tower was covered with beautiful and colorful canvas panels painted by children throughout California who were battling terminal illness.


The amazing partnership between Venoco and the Massey Brothers enabled an urban oil facility to house one of the largest pieces of public art. Many thanks to Ed and Bernie Massey for their creative vision and civic engagement!

Both the tower and the painted canvas have served the community well during a time when the tower was needed at the Beverly Hills West facility. Sadly, due to wear and tear on the canvas of the Tower of Hope some of the flowered panels have been replaced with solid grey canvas. Many photographs have been taken of the Tower of Hope through the years to document its beauty and celebrate the wonderful children who created the colorful community art.