Venoco, Inc. is an independent oil and natural gas company that has been a part of the Beverly Hills community since 1995. The company has a strong reputation as a safe and reliable operator, a community partner and a significant economic contributor to the City of Beverly Hills and the Beverly Hills Unified School District for nearly 20 years.


Venoco was founded in Carpinteria, California in 1992. One of the company’s early acquisitions was the Beverly Hills West Field in 1995 from Wainoco. Venoco has safely operated the Beverly Hills West Field located on the northwest portion of the city where Beverly Hills meets Century City.

Venoco employs skilled and dedicated people. The members of the management and operations teams have extensive experience in the oil and natural gas industry and across a broad range of disciplines, including geology, land use, drilling and operations and regulatory and environmental matters. The core business units of the company are supported by accounting, engineering and other support services. The people who work at Venoco live, shop, play and volunteer in and near the areas where  the company operates.

“Venoco has a tremendous workforce, outstanding leadership and first class operations. We augment that with outstanding engineering, safety and environmental support. It is because of the fine and skilled people of Venoco and the commitment to safe and reliable operations that the Company is continually recognized for safety and environmental protection,” Mark DePuy, Chief Executive Officer.

For much of Venoco’s existence in Beverly Hills, the company quietly operated the Beverly Hills West Field and without much community attention. The facility was operated in compliance with the high safety standards set by our regulators just as it is today, safely producing oil and natural gas that generates millions of dollars in royalties to the city of Beverly Hills, the Beverly Hills Unified School District and hundreds of residents.

The quiet ended rather abruptly when a series of lawsuits were filed against Venoco; prior operators in the area, including Chevron and Sempra; the city of Beverly Hills and the Beverly Hills Unified School District. There were several false accusations made against the entities named in the lawsuits. The lawsuits were dismissed.  There was no proof of harm. For more information about the dismissal of the lawsuits, click here

Venoco spent endless amounts of time and effort conducting community education meetings, hiring safety specialists and paying legal bills to defend the ongoing safe and sound operations at the Beverly Hills West site.There was no merit to the lawsuits.

We are proud to continue to be a part of the Beverly Hills community and safely and responsibly produce oil and natural gas for California’s ongoing energy needs.

Safety and reliability are practices the company management and employees take very seriously. Nearly all of Venoco’s operations are located in populated areas with sensitive habitats, agricultural land or with residents as neighbors. Employees are mindful of the impact that business can have on the communities and sensitive environments that surround the company’s facilities. In all operations and at every facility Venoco maintains a watchful eye on safety and has a genuine concern for safety.